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Companies across North East Scotland are facing crippling increases in their non-domestic business rates; an impact which affects companies across a range of sectors with some being subjected to increases in excess of 200%!

Businesses Affected

The upcoming business rate increases affect business across all sectors from hospitality, oil and gas, engineering and retail, with some being subjected to increases in excess of 200%. Here are some companies who have already acknowledged a significant increase to their business rates.

+ many more, are you affected?

Key Facts / Dates


As of the 1st of April 2017 the new rateable values will come into effect for a 5-year period affecting hundreds of businesses across Scotland.

Some businesses face a 200% rise in their rates from April 1 – leaving some warning of future job losses and closures.


From the 1st April - 30 September 2017 businesses will be eligible to appeal the rates increase.

Let's unite under one voice and let your opinion be heard, whether you are a business owner, employee, customer or concerned resident.

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